2023 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars are Available!

The2023 Celebrating Greyhounds Wall Calendar 2023 Celebrating Greyhounds Wall Calendars and Weekly Planners are available for purchase by adoption groups.  Groups can order them at the Greytstore.  If groups are ordering for a fall or holiday event, order early to allow time for shipping.  They are being shipped via Media Mail to keep costs as low as possible for adoption groups.

Photo submission guidelines


Celebrating Greyhounds 2023 Weekly PlannerWe prefer electronic submissions, which should be attached to an email and sent to mmclaughlin@galtx.org with "CG Calendar" in the subject line. Include your name, the dog’s name, the original adoption group or other source of the dog, your phone number, your email, and your full street address. If one of your photos is selected as the feature for the month or week, we’ll send you a complimentary calendar.  

Please name your photos “LastName_DogName.jpg.” For example, “Norton_Bravo.jpg” or “Norton_BravoRunning.jpg.” 

The best rule of thumb for images large enough for high quality printing is to set your digital camera to the largest format it will take. Smart phone cameras have greatly improved and are capable of large format photos. Clean lenses, lighting, and steady focus can still pose a challenge, just as with any camera. If you've done any photo editing yourself, please send a copy of the original, too.  

Most high resolution images are 1.5 MB* or more; somewhere in the range of 8" x 10" at 300 dpi/ppi, or 3840 x 2560 ppi or above is ideal. If your file is only 500 KB* or less, it's too small for print media. If photos are very large, you're welcome to send them one or two at a time.  
*For the not-technicially-inclined: KB is small, MB is large.

JPG/JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP are acceptable formats.

Social media platforms reduce the size of posted photos, so please send the original instead of downloading from Facebook or other social media.

Email applications can reduce your image, so be sure you've set the image size option to send at the original size. If you're lucky, the application may ask what you prefer. 

If you prefer to submit photos via snail mail:

Save all photos to one flash drive or one CD at full resolution. Write your last name on the flash drive or CD using a Sharpie.  

Please name your photos “LastName_DogName.jpg.” For example, “Norton_Bravo.jpg” or “Norton_BravoRunning.jpg.” 

Please include your name(s), your dog’s name, the original adoption group or other source of the dog, your phone number, your email, and your full street address in printed form or in a Word or PDF document. 

We are not able to return media.

Mail to:

The Greyhound Project
Attn: Calendar photos
PO Box 795635
Dallas, TX 75379

Tips to increase the chances we can use one of your photos

Select photos:  

  • With a plain background

  • With wide open, natural looking eyes

  • With a seasonal or holiday theme (don’t forget Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving)

  • In clear focus

  • Showing your dog’s personality

  • If you can’t decide which photos to send, place them on a table and step away. Which ones catch your eye from a few feet away?

  • Consider submitting both vertical and horizontal (portrait and landscape) shots. We need more vertical images for the weekly desk planner, and we typically receive more horizontal submissions.  

To purchase a calendar 

Please make every attempt to purchase calendars directly from your adoption group. That's why we publish them! If your group is out, you may purchase them directly from us late in the year.