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Adopt an Airport Advertising Campaign
We are Pleased to Announce that Greyhounds are Flying!
By Joan Belle Isle

It all started innocently enough when a representative of AK Media Company stopped by the Daytona Beach Adoption Program. Although he could not adopt a greyhound, he wanted to do something to help and offered to make unsold advertising space available in airports for displays promoting greyhound adoption. He could not guarantee that the promotion would be up 100% of the time, and they would be moved around the airports depending on where the space was available. The space would be free, but the adoption group would have to get the display produced and delivered to the airports.

Adopt an Airport Ad

Airports get a huge amount of traffic every day - business travelers, families traveling on vacation, families and friends meeting people arriving. Even small regional airports get a large amount of traffic. The following shows the passenger traffic at the twelve busiest U.S. airports. When you factor in the non-traveling people who pass through airports, the numbers are even more staggering.

O'Hare International (Chicago) 69,754,290
Hartsfield Atlanta International (Atlanta) 63,698,641
Los Angeles International (Los Angeles) 59,574,752
DFW International (Dallas/Fort Worth) 58,540,731
San Francisco International (San Francisco) 39,598,897
Miami International (Miami) 33,724,221
Denver International (Denver) 32,824,881
JFK International (New York) 31,652,668
Metropolitan Wayne County (Detroit) 30,960,460
McCarran International (Las Vegas) 30,597,000
Sky Harbor International (Phoenix) 30,151,686
Minneapolis-St. Paul International (Minneapolis) 29,416,130

The demographics on the traveling population in the U.S. describe well-educated, financially secure, responsible people. Exactly the kind of people to get interested in adopting retired greyhounds.

Average Household Income $90,000
Average Number of Business Trips per Year 13.2
Average Age 43
Percent of Business Travelers 83%
Percent Professional/Managerial 68%
Percent College Graduates 50%
Percent with Postgraduate Degrees 27%
Average Time Spent in Airport 93 Minutes

The offer was too good to pass up, but too much for one adoption group to handle alone. That is when The ASPCA and The Greyhound Project became involved. When Cynthia Cash offered to handle the research and coordination, the project took off. The ASPCA and The Greyhound Project each contributed $2000 to launch the project.

Cynthia located and got bids from the companies that produce the displays for the major airport advertising companies, and we negotiated with five of the major airport advertising companies to provide the same service as that being offered by AK Media. TKO Visual Communications, the production company selected, helped to develop a simple visual display that is intended to grab attention for the dogs. Because a large proportion of the travelers may be "passing through" rather than "going home" when they see the exhibit, we decided that they should all have the 800 referral numbers - the GPA/AGC number and the NGAN number. Both networks refer to adoption groups based on where the individual lives.

Whenever we mentioned the project to any of the greyhound groups, they wanted to know how they could become involved. With the initial funding, we expected to be able to place two displays in the ten most heavily used airport, but with the interest of everyone we talked to, the project rapidly expanded to seventy-nine displays in thirty-eight airport. We even had individuals who wanted to sponsor display as a memorial to special greyhounds. For adoption groups sponsoring displays, we added a line for the name of the group and the local telephone number.

In January, 1998, greyhound adoption exhibits were displayed in these airports:

LaGuardia (2)
St. Louis (2)
JFK International (1)
Houston (2)
Indianapolis (2)
Seattle (2)
Chicago O'Hare (3)
San Jose (1)
Chicago Midway (2)
Louisville (2)
Atlanta (2)
Columbus (1)
Dallas/Fort Worth (4)
Orange County (2)
Denver (2)
Hartford (2)
Newark (2)
Philadelphia (2)
Boston/Logan (3)
Pittsburgh (2)
Miami (2)
Milwaukee (2)
Washington National (2)
Minneapolis (2)
Washington Dulles (2)
Palm Beach (2)
Salt Lake City (1)
Westchester County (1)
Memphis (2)
South Bend (1)
Charlotte (2)
Oakland (1)
Tampa (2)
Detroit (3)
Phoenix (3)
San Diego (6)
Daytona (2)

This is only the beginning. There are hundreds of airports all over the country. We want to see greyhounds in all of them.


In 2001, The Greyhound Project renewed the campaign with a donation of $10,000 and secured additional donations and grants totaling $23,500 from the ASPCA and PetsMart Charities, resulting in more than 200 new displays, some of which can still be seen at major airports in the United States.

In April 2009, we will launch a professionally produced public service annoucement campaign. The Greyhound Project has committed to match up to $25,000 toward this project, and the more we can raise, the wider distribution we can achieve. Please consider a donation at:

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