Celebrating Greyhounds Calendars guidelines and purchasing info

Submit your photos for Celebrating Greyhounds calendars

The Greyhound Project collects photos for the Celebrating Greyhounds wall and desk calendars all year long, and we encourage you to begin collecting photos for 2019 now.  

We look for photos that show your dog's personality.  Typically these will be candid photos of life with greyhounds.  Seasonal photos (including holiday themes), photos with children or cats, action photos, and any photo that "speaks" to the viewer are all great candidates.  A plain background with no clutter is always a plus.  Not sure which photos to send?  Set a few on a table and step back.  Which ones are in sharp focus and get your attention from a distance?  Those are the ones you want to submit.  

Photo submission guidelines: 

  • We only accept digital images. The images must have been taken at the highest resolution that your camera will produce to be acceptable for printing. 
  • Please include a printout of the image (plain paper is acceptable). On the front of the printout, clearly print (use a label or tape if needed) the file name(s) and the following information exactly as you would like it printed if we choose your photo:
    1. Your name
    2. Your dog's name
    3. Your mailing address
    4. Your adoption group or other source of the dog(s) 
  • Please clearly print just your last name on the CD (first choice) or thumb drive with a Sharpie (or label or tape if needed). 
  • Please do not crop or enlarge a smaller print. Feel free to draw on the printout if you want to suggest crop marks. 
  • We receive hundreds of photos, so please limit submissions to your very best shots (maximum of five photos per dog).
  • Please only send images that are in sharp focus.
  • Please send photos in one package and on one CD or thumb drive.
  • If you have photos that were taken by someone else, please obtain their written permission for us to use the photos. 
  • If the photo was taken at a nursing home or therapy program of some sort, please obtain written permission from the program.

The photos for the calendars are selected each Spring for the following year. The members of the photo selection committee change from year to year, depending on who is available to gather around some big tables and go through them. The people looking at the photos generally won't know the people or the dogs in the pictures. We try not to feature the same dog more than once in a calendar, and that's why identification on the front is helpful.  It is quite tedious when we've made selections from among hundreds of photos and then find a duplicate later.  

The selections for the wall calendar will be taken from photos submitted in horizontal, or "landscape" format, and the desk calendar requires vertical, or "portrait" format photos. Normally, we receive far more photos in landscape, so we have fewer to choose from in portrait. 

Please mail your selections to:

The Greyhound Project, Inc.  
Attn: Calendar photos  
PO Box 5239  
Framingham, MA 01701

Sorry, but we are not able to return any photos or submitted media.

To Purchase a Calendar 

2018 Celebrating Greyhounds Desk Calendar

Please make every attempt to purchase your 2018 calendars directly from your adoption group. That's why we publish them! If your group is out, you may purchase them directly from The Greyhound Project late in the year. 

Groups interested in purchasing calendars for resale should email admin @ adopt-a-greyhound . org for an order form.

Lists of hounds included in the 2018 calendars were published in July and August 2017 on the Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar Facebook page.

Please support the groups that are selling 2018 calendars! If you cannot find a group that still has calendars available, you may now order them directly.  

2018 Celebrating Greyhounds Wall Calendar