About CG Magazine

Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Stacy Pigott came on board as Editor-in-Chief of Celebrating Greyhounds in 2013. She came to us from the equine publishing world, bringing more than 20 years' professional experience as a magazine editor, writer, and photographer. She is also a devoted greyhound mom and foster mom and is deeply passionate about all things greyhound. 

Stacy Pigott with her dogs

The Greyhound Project Mission and Celebrating Greyhounds magazine policy statements

Mission Statement of The Greyhound Project, Inc.

The mission of The Greyhound Project, Inc. is to promote the welfare and adoption of greyhounds by providing support and information to adoption organizations, adopters, and the public.

Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine — Publication Policy

The purpose of the magazine is to provide information about greyhounds as a breed. Recognizing that there are differing points of view on issues such as racing, breeding, and adoption policies, to mention a few, the magazine does not advocate a position on these issues. It will publish articles and reader letters regarding these issues if deemed appropriate. Such publication does not reflect agreement with or endorsement of such articles or letters by The Greyhound Project, Inc. or Celebrating Greyhounds magazine.