Retired Racers - Greyhound Rescue & Adoption

Linda Brown
6027 Valley Sage Road
Acton, CA 93510
(805) 269-2544 or (818) 347-3407


(Acton is about 40 minutes outside of Los Angeles, near Palmdale)

This is a small, but great group, with a unique approach to Greyhound Rescue. Each dog is placed into their own mini-home upon coming off of the track. These mini-homes are complete w/TV, radio, heater, air-conditioner, rugs, couches, wall pictures, and windows/sliding glass doors.

Linda feels that this allows her Greyhounds to acclimate to a home environment much quicker, and provides the dogs with less stress when they are finally adopted out. The biggest thing she does though, is to shower these bewildered dogs with lots of love - and they really respond.

She charges roughly $150.00 for each adoption, which includes - spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, all booster shots, nail clip, any other Vet expenses, potty- training, collar, and a toy for each dog. In the end, she gave us much more than the $150.00 cost covered. She loves these dogs. Each Saturday and Sunday is open house at the ranch, from 11 - 2, and all are welcomed. Please call first.